Upcoming Construction at DSMS

Dear Parents,

In an effort to keep you informed and maintain a safe environment for our students, I am writing this letter to inform you of a construction project that will be occurring at DSMS the next several weeks starting on Monday, October 23rd. We are having solar panels installed in our parking lot and over half of the outside basketball courts. We are very excited about this addition to our campus. The solar panels will provide additional shade for our students and help us to save budget dollars on our utility bill. It’s definitely a win, win situation.

In an effort to keep our parking lot running smoothly during drop off and dismissal times during construction, please read the following information carefully.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you drop off or pick up your child:

*Starting Monday, most of the parking lot will be fenced off.
*During construction, our main parking lot entrance will be closed. The parking lot flow will be changed for the duration of the construction.
*Please enter the parking lot at the far Western driveway (the driveway closest to the bike racks.) That driveway will be the designated entrance only.
*The driveway at the far Eastern side of the parking lot (driveway closest to the field) will be designated as the exit.
*Please only use the designated pick up and drop off area in front of the gym (yellow curbing area) to drop off and/or pick up your child.
*The drop off and pick up area runs along the gym to the far east side of the parking lot. To avoid traffic delays on Rankin Loop and Rita Road, please pull forward as far as possible to keep the backup in the parking lot to a minimum.
*During construction the handicap spaces will be designated by temporary signage. To park in the handicap spaces, handicap tags are required. Two temporary handicap spaces will be designated in the parking spots closest to the admin building.
*Please follow the parking lot signage. To help the flow of the parking lot, the far exit is designated as a right exit turn only. Please refrain from entering through that exit.
*Please see the attached diagram for more information.

Desert Sky Middle School staff and volunteers will be very visible before and after school monitoring the safety of students. Please be respectful and courteous to them. They are following the safety procedures that have been established for our students. I appreciate your attention to these matters as we strive to provide the best and safest learning environment possible.


Katie Dabney


Desert Sky Middle School