Principal’s Page

Dear Parents and Families,

As you are well aware, the AzMERIT assessment was given to students in April of last year. The AzMERIT is the State test that replaced the AIMS test three years ago. We have been notified from the Arizona Department of Education that school labels (based on our students’ achievement on the AzMERIT) will be released in late September. Although, we do not yet know our label, I am proud to share that the Desert Sky staff worked extremely hard to prepare students to do their best on this relatively new assessment. As soon as our school labels are announced, we will be sharing that news with you.

For the four years prior to the new assessment, Desert Sky Middle School had received an A Label from the Arizona Department of Education and an excelling label for many years before that. Both were the highest labels that schools could receive. This type of achievement does not happen by accident, it takes a coordinated team effort. Caring parents, caring teachers, caring support staff, and wonderful students make up the core of our winning team. We are so proud of our students and their achievements. Although, the letter grade labels have been suspended for the last 3 years, I can confidently say that Desert Sky Middle School is one of the best Middle Schools in the State of Arizona!

School labels and test scores are just one of the many indicators of success here at Desert Sky. I strongly believe one reason for our academic success has to do with the strong parental support we get from each of you. One of the most important ways for parents to be involved is by becoming a member of Desert Sky’s Site Council.

Thank you in advance to the following individuals who will be volunteering their time as members of the 2017-2018 Desert Sky Site Council.

Chach Jackson – Parent

Kiki Ngo – Parent

Jon Carlyon – Parent

Karleene Talley – Parent

Abby Jackson – Certified Staff

Melissa Thach – Certified Staff

Rayna Kruszewski – Classified Staff

As always, thank you for your partnership as we provide our students with a positive and rewarding experience at Desert Sky Middle School.


Katie Dabney