Principal’s Page

Dear Parents and Families,

As you are well aware, school labels have now been released. School labels are based on our AzMERIT results. The AzMERIT assessment is given in April of each school year. I am proud to share that Desert Sky has earned an “A” grade/label (the highest possible grade) from the Arizona Department of Education! Any school that received 86% of the possible points available was named an A school. Points are awarded for students’ proficiency and growth on the AzMERIT, attendance rate, accelerated programing such as Advanced Math, and Special Education programing.

Not only did DSMS earn an A grade/label, but we have also been recognized as the highest rated middle school in the entire State of Arizona (this includes all charter schools). Desert Sky earned 99.17% of the points available.   Congratulations DSMS!

School labels and test scores are just one of the many indicators of success here at Desert Sky. In addition to a strong academic program, our students can participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. DSMS offers 22 after school clubs, 13 team sports, and dynamite performing arts programs. When students are connected to their school it has a positive impact on their student achievement. Connected students + involved parents + highly effective teachers/staff = a successful school! Thank you for the part that you have played in Desert Sky’s success!

On another note, I encourage you as parents to model responsible citizenship for your child by getting informed and voting in the upcoming election. Election day is next Tuesday, November 6th. Please know that I do not want to, nor can I encourage you how to vote, but please –  simply VOTE. Our children watch what we do and our actions set the example for them.

As always, thank you for your partnership as we provide our students with a positive and rewarding experience at Desert Sky Middle School. It’s a good day to be a Desert Sky Cougar!!!



Katie Dabney, Principal